Orthodontist Dr Richard Boyd puts braces on patients of all ages in Columbia SC

Adults all over the world are more conscious today about their appearance and your smile is one of the first features people notice.  According to an Invisalign survey, 74 % of American women and men believe that an attractive smile is important for getting their dream job, while 84 % fell it is critical for their love lives.  Dr Richard Boyd and his staff will help you decide what orthodontic treatment option is best for you to achieve a beautiful helathy smile to last a lifetime.

Whether you are a prominent sports figure like San Antonio Spurs player Manu Ginobili, one of the top ten actors in the world like Tom Cruise, or a “diva” like Gwen Stefani…braces are cool at any age.  Read this article recently posted on celebrities wearing braces who are in the public eye every day.  If they can do it… so can you.

Invisalign is a great option if you don’t want others to notice you are going through orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth.  Unfortunately, not every orthodontic problem can be treated with invisalign braces.  Some orthodontic problems can only be corrected with traditional braces, whether clear ceramic brackets, metal brackets, or the new iBraces that are invisible and worn on the inside of your teeth.

No matter what your orthodontic problem, Dr Richard Boyd can help you choose your best orthodontic treatment option to create the beautiful smile you deserve.

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  1. Interesting statistics on being able to get your dream job because of braces. I’ve never read or seen statistics like this about braces. It’s very interesting and hopefully it won’t persuade too many people to not fix their teeth for their dream job. Thanks for sharing.

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